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Ashley Marie is a yodeling cowgirl who comes from a long line of ranching families. Her great Grandfather Bill Douglass is an Arizona Hall of Fame pioneer rancher and her parents are also ranchers in Arizona. She grew up riding, rodeoing and singing western music. She received much of her music training from her family who also play's and sing's.  Ashley married a cowboy who gives her inspiration and material for much of her music.  She enjoy's living on Squire Ranch and love's to teach her children how to brand and tag new cattle. She is a member of the Western music Association, writes and sings many of her own songs, and also performs the traditional cowboy music.  Ashley's unique style of singing and yodeling has made her a favorite wherever she performs.  When she performs solo she goes by Ashley Marie.  When she performs with her family they go by The Kirkman Family Band.

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At a young age, Ashley has enjoyed running barrels and poles along with many other events.

Mom dad

Dad and Mom Gary and Louanne Kirkman on their ranch in Young, Arizona.

Ashley Marie will be adding Events as they are booked


October Fest

Safford, AZ, Main St. Downtown, Safford, Az

Come enjoy a great time with the family at October Fest in Safford Az.

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  • Randy Cox

    Randy Cox Safford AZ

    Thank you! We love and miss you. It was great to see you the other day.

    Thank you! We love and miss you. It was great to see you the other day.

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